How to Grow Weed – Super Skunk Automatic Review

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Super Skunk Automatic Review

The Super Skunk Automatic is a certain kind of strain in which it has been bred in a certain selective way by using auto-flowering cannabis strains. The very purpose why such strain is being bred is because it has the advantage that it emanates from a very potent strain which is the Super Skunk. In fact, cannabis connoisseurs find delight in being able to enjoy its qualities thus most breeders have decided to make it even better by also mixing with other strain of cannabis ruderalis so that it will be able to produce a more potent product. Thus, the Super Skunk Automatic was born.

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This strain has been considered to be very dependable and highly trusted when it comes to commercial purposes. Even most expert growers prefer this kind of strain.

Where to Buy Super Skunk Autoflowering Seeds?

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Super Skunk Automatic Specification

Type: 80% Indica
Flowering Period: 45-55 days
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Yield: Large
Stone: Cerebral High
THC Level: Average
Height: Average
Grow Difficulty: Easy

Special Features

– The Super Skunk Automatic strain is considered to be very advantageous as it has the ability to be able to provide two different mature crops even in just one single growing. This is the same as any other auto-flowering cannabis can do.

– There is a form of consistency especially when it is being grown because it always follows a steady growth pattern as compared to other strains of cannabis.

– The Super Skunk Automatic shows a very beautiful and gorgeous structure when it comes to its buds. However, her physical built may still remain to be short and stocky.

– On the other hand, it will still compensate for its hefty and rich colas that are exceptional sticky and fat when it comes to its calyxes. Its buds are sweet and are very full of resins.

– The Super Skunk Automatic, because of its buds, would provide a very serious high that will immediately be followed with a very stoned effect.

Super Skunk Automatic Growing Tips:

The Super Skunk Automatic will be able to produce quality all female crops as it matures especially when it is being grown in a single outdoor environment. However, when it is being grown indoors, its auto-flowering phase will be triggered right about a total of one and a half months.