Taliban Poison Marijuana Strain Review

With mysterious origins and aphrodisiac properties, Taliban Poison is a rare find. There are cultivars of this highly effective medical marijuana plant but production is limited in amount. If one can grow this balanced hybrid using the method of clone only or be able to obtain seeds, it will be high yielding.

The THC level of this weed strain reaches a high of 18 percent and it has an average CBD level of one percent. The green buds are rich with the depth of the various hues. The aroma of sweet pine, deep earth, and the skunkiness is intense. The toke is that of Diesel, wood, and skunk with sweet pine overtones. The medical benefits of using this weed strain are excellent for targeted concerns such as for pain relief.

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Taliban Poison Specifications

Type: Indica 50% / Sativa 50%
Flowering Period: 8 to 9 weeks
Climate: Indoor or Outdoor
Yield: High
Flavors: Sweet, Pine, Wood, Skunk, Diesel
THC Level: 14-18%
Height: Tall
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of Taliban Poison?

Taking this weed can make one feel aroused and increase the sex drive. It will make one feel hungry. It can ignite joy and bliss, making one feel all giggly. It can make a person also feel sleepy.

What are the Medical Benefits of Taliban Poison?

This medical marijuana strain is an excellent pain reliever. It also is a highly effective treatment for cramps. It works well to reduce muscle spasms and relaxes those tense muscles. It effectively gets rid of nausea. It also is an excellent antidepressant. It also is a highly effective aphrodisiac.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Taliban Poison?

There are reports that in some instances, a person taking this weed strain will experience dizziness, a headache, or feel paranoid. Cottonmouth and dry eyes will occur.

Tips for Growing Taliban Poison

This tall cannabis plant will thrive in full sun conditions. It would require stalking or other means of support as it has high yields. The maximum amount that can be harvested per plant is at 16 ounces.