The Blazing Pistileros Review: When You Know this is Going to be a Helluva Blaze!

Nowadays, finding the new superstar seeds for your cannabis cultivation journey is not the biggest issue.

The hardest part is to find reliable companies, which strive for perfection in terms of growing 100% vegan and organically.

That’s why we arehappy to share whenever we find such a company.

Read on more impressions and highlights in the Blazing Pistileros review.

The Blazing Pistileros project was born in 2009, thanks to the love and dedication of a Spanish-based team of cannabis breeders.

Up-to-date, The Blazing Pistileros breeders are located at the Penedes vineyard district and doubling their efforts to make their presence on the online stage stealthier.

Even though you cannot order anything directly from the website, you can get a good idea about the company’s history, philosophy, choice of strains and partner retailers.

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Best Features of The Blazing Pistileros

– unique crossbred strains, which give you the chance to grow amazing, one-of-a-kind green beauties with sturdy genetics

– the company follows a mission for preserving the natural and all organic approach to marijuana breeding, featuring solely Regular seeds

Shipping Information

Safe and discreet worldwide delivery is available by most of The Blazing Pistileros’ online partner retailers, some of which include,, and

Seed Selections

Some of the most popular strains include Affie Bubba, Blacktooth, Chokeberry, and Maramota.

Customer Service

Most of the Blazing Pistileros’ online partners provide an excellent customer service via email and/or phone, live chat available, too.

Website Functionality

The Blazing Pistileros’ premium website is still under construction but we find it incredibly user-friendly and also featuring still a few but extremely useful articles.

Pricing and Payment Methods

Versatile payment methods are available by the various partner retailers of The Blazing Pistileros’ seed selection.

What we like about The Blazing Pistileros

– environmental-friendly and conscious approach to marijuana breeding and fantastic strains

– the company is present in the social media

What we don’t like about The Blazing Pistileros

– honestly, there’s not a single thing we would criticize the Blazing Pistileros’ of; we just can’t wait to see their website fully functioning and full of useful tips and information

Our Verdict

We cherish the importance of protecting the amazing genetics of various marijuana strains by opting for seeds from small-scale breeders and especially those, who are focused on growing organically.

The Blazing Pistileros’ team got our kudos and thumbs up!