The Blintz Strain Review

The Blintz provides a balanced mix of the euphoric high of the sativa strain and the relaxant effect of an indica strain. The offspring of the Cheese Quake delivers a moderate THC high of 15 percent.

Fans of the cheese flavor profile may like the pungent cheddar and lavender aroma of The Blintz.

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The Blintz Specifications

Type: Hybrid
Flowering Period: 49-70 Days
Climate: Sub-tropical climate
Yield: Moderate
Flavors: Berries, Cheese, Pine
THC Level: 15%
Height: Medium
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of The Blintz

Smoking The Blintz will set you soaring out the window with its uplifting high. The effect will feel like your juice is filling up with energy and joy in liquid form. The Blintz clears away all of the clutter and dust in your mind, giving you a clear focus on how to finish a single hard task. Flying with this high will let you go through piles of paperwork and tasks easily. When you come down from your euphoric ride, the strain will leave your body relaxed and still functional. This makes The Blintz a good morning toke when you need that motivational push to jump-start a workday.

What are the Medical Benefits of The Blintz

The Blintz is effective at keeping the spasticity rate of your muscles as low as possible. This helps you prevent painful cramps or tightening of your muscles. This strain can also affect your nerves to bring down pain and stress levels. You can get the most out of this effect if a medical condition is causing crippling pain. If you are not getting enough nutrient in your body because of an eating disorder, The Blintz can help you out. This strain will boost your appetite, which can fix your diet.

What are the Negative Effects that you Can expect from The Blintz

People who smoke The Blintz usually experience dry mouth and eyes. For some, the strain can be too much to handle that they experience nausea and nervousness.

Tips for Growing The Blintz

Use the weight of the pot to know if The Blintz plants need water. Recently watered pots are usually heavy. If the pot feels much lighter the next day, consider watering the plants as soon as possible. This method helps you avoid overwatering the plants.