The Importance of Weed Sexing

For weed enthusiasts who are into marijuana growing to obtain quality and potent buds, the presence of male plants is not needed in the garden. Take them out of the indoor or outdoor marijuana garden as soon as you can detect them during the pre-flowering phase. The male cannabis plants do not have the potency that the female plants possess.

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In pot growing, the process of early sexing is very important for those who want to develop only female plants that produce buds. The male plants have very low potency and will reduce the potency of the female plants as well if pollination occurs. Sexing marijuana plants will allow you to identify male and female plants. You can either pull out the males or retain them in the garden, depending on your purpose for growing weed.

The Purpose of Sexing Cannabis Plants in Growing Marijuana

Sexing the cannabis plants is done for the main purpose of sex identification. Those who are growing cannabis for potent buds should immediately remove the male plants from the pot garden to give them no chance for pollination. Female marijuana plants produce more potent buds when not pollinated by males. The purpose of pot sexing is to identify the male cannabis plants so you can take them out from the garden. When successfully done, you will grow female plants the produce highly potent buds. Female plants that are not pollinated by males have the following characteristics:

  • Excellent potency
  • Good flavor
  • Abundant yield
  • High resin production
  • Beautiful floral structure

Early sexing will give you female plants that possess the above-mentioned characteristics. Once the flower is pollinated, the energy will be diverted to the production of seeds instead of buds.It is very important that you will be able to identify the males that might be present in your garden. Seed production in cannabis growing will lower the potency and reduce bud production.

You need to early sex the pot plants if you want great potency from the buds and you want bigger yield. Sexing is necessary if you are growing weed starting from a pack containing regular pot seeds. You will not know the gender of the plants during the early stage of growing marijuana. The best time to identify their sex is during the pre-flowering time. Do not allow the male cannabis to fertilize the female ones if you want to produce buds that are most potent.