The Sea of Green Method of Growing Marijuana

Indoor marijuana gardeners find it very efficient to use the Sea of Green method in growing weed indoors. Growing marijuana using this technique will give you plants that are maturing early. Instead of growing few huge cannabis plants that would take time to produce flowers, you will be growing weed plants that are smaller but will mature faster. In Sea of Garden method, only a little time is needed and buds are all ready for harvesting. In this growing technique, the cannabis plants will produce buds ready for harvest in just 30 to 60 days.

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Growing pot using Sea of Garden technique is not recommended to new gardeners. It has now become one of the most preferred techniques by seasoned marijuana growers because of faster bud production. Since lesser time is required between crops, you can save money on electricity charges.

Advantages of growing marijuana in Sea of Garden

  • Less time is required for the cannabis plants to mature.
  • Shorten the growth cycle of the pot plants.
  • Fewer electricity charges because you can already start growing one new weed plant while the other is ready to mature.
  • Continuous harvest of buds all-year round.

If you are just new to marijuana growing, this type of grow technique may not be suitable for you. But if you have the pot growing skills, then you can start your marijuana cultivation project using the Sea of Green method. This is one of the best cannabis growing methods if you have a limited space indoors and you want to grow several weed plants for an all-year-round supply of buds.

When marijuana is grown using the Sea of Garden technique, avoid topping the plants as it will slow down growth. If you want to increase growth at the bottom of the internodes of the weed plants, train them with twist-ties in which the top of the plant is wrapped with a plastic or paper twist tie. Thereafter, bent the top over 90 to 180 degrees and then attach it to the lower main stem of the marijuana plant. This is process is done for one week. After a week, the marijuana plant is released from the bond.

Abundant harvest can be expected if you are growing weed using the Sea of Green set up. Aside from the advantage of growing several small weed plants, this growing technique will not take you long to harvest the buds. In the Sea of Green method, the growing cycle of cannabis plants is shortened so you can enjoy several crops in a year.

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