The Wills Marijuana Strain Review

This bud is composed of 75% Indica hybrid and only 25% for Sativa. This is also Willy’d Wonde’s phenotype that has become popular across Western Washington for a couple of years. Then, it has been shared among various breeders through the Pacific Northwest due to its eagerness and pleasurable effects. When it comes to astringent aroma, you can have citrus, flowers, and pine to choose from.

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The Wills Specifications
Type: Indica-dominant hybrid (75% Indica and 25% Sativa)
Flowering Period: 40 to 70 days
Flavors: fruity, pine, citrus, and sweet
THC Level: 17% to 29%
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of The Wills?

Since this marijuana strain contains a high percentage of Indica hybrid, expect that its high is on Indica side. The Wills lift the mind as if it soars high to the sky. Apart from this effect, this bud crawls into your limbs, change your mood into a positive one and eliminate your stress.

Furthermore, you will feel hungry using The Wills. Another remarkable physical effect of this marijuana bud is that you start to feel sleepy and euphoric. It is because you are taken to a complete relaxation as if it lulls you.

What are the Medical Benefits of The Wills?

The Wills is an incredible hybrid that is known as a perfect strain for treating numerous health conditions. It does not only give relief to symptoms caused by serious conditions such as cancer and chronic illnesses. Rather, it is used in treating serious illnesses themselves.

To give you some ideas on The Wills strain’s medicinal properties, these include insomnia or inability to sleep, inflammation, anxiety, and chronic pain. This bud can even treat headaches, thus, giving you complete relief to your body.

What are the Negative Effects that You Can Expect from The Wills?

The good thing about using The Wills strain is that you will not get any adverse reactions, unlike the most potent ones. However, you can expect to feel a bit of dizziness, mild paranoia and mild headache.

Tips for Growing The Wills

In growing The Wills, there is no need for an experienced grower to allow it to produce a good yield. With only basic knowledge, you can start cultivating this plant indoor or outdoor.