Things You Need to Know about Medical Marijuana

There has been a lot of debate with regards to medical marijuana. Some states in the US made this controversial medical plant legal in their area. Others are still debating whether to legalize it in their place or not. But before you agree or disagree about legalizing this medical herb in your area, here are some of the facts that you need to know about it.

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Over a Million Users

Since its legalization to other states in America, over 1 million people are using this week to cure their illnesses. These people use these under the doctor’s prescription. But there are over 40 million users who use this medical plant with or without a doctor’s prescription. Some even have a garden for these plants so they don’t need to buy them in stores. They just need to pick them up in their garden to smoke the contentious plant.

Ancient People Used This to Cure Illnesses

During the 1900s, many people were growing and taking Mary Jane as a form of medicine. It was very easy to find these plants since most stores and houses were planting it in their garden. But in 1937, the government taxed the said plants heavily. Since then, only a few people use it as a form of recreation or treatment.

Common Types of THC Pill

There are two common forms of cannabinoid pills—Marinol and Cesamet. These ingredients are used to cure nausea and other symptoms that smoked MJs can heal. Although they are included in some medicines, they are not as effective as smoked cannabis according to some people who have used pills and smoked herb.

Used to Cure Diseases

As mentioned earlier, medical pot can cure lots of diseases. Some of these illnesses are even terminal. But most of the diseases that it can cure are psychological illnesses. Some of them are insomnia, bipolar, depression Alzheimer’s disease, and anorexia. This grass can even cure PMS, Parkinson’s disease, glaucoma, AIDS and even cancer. And because of its amazing benefits, a lot of health organizations support this herb and push the US government to make it legal in the whole country.

But as stated earlier, there are some people who don’t want it to be legal because they believe that it could only destroy not only the lifestyle but also the health of a person who uses it. This statement is opposed by the old people since most of them smoke this grass until today. And they are a living proof that medical marijuana won’t shorten your lifespan.

So those are just some of the facts that you need to know about medical marijuana. It’s now up to you whether you use this plant to cure your illnesses. But always remember to abide the prevailing law that you have in your area so there won’t be any problem when you grow or smoke the plant.