Thunderbird Rose Marijuana Strain Review

Thunderbird Rose is the Sativa-dominant hybrid strain created for Rebel Spirit Cannabis. The plant produces huge lime green buds with crimson pistils and trichome-wrapped calyxes. The strain can produce more while having strong resistance to pests and molds. The scent is floral with hints of green forest, blueberry, and fuel. It is a euphoric and uplifting cross that can enhance your mood and creativity.

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Thunderbird Rose Specifications

Type: hybrid (40% Indica, 60% Sativa)
Flowering Period: unknown
Climate: unknown
Yield: unknown
Flavors: diesel, lemon, berry
THC Level: 10 to 15 percent
Height: unknown
Growing Difficulty: moderate

What are the Effects of Thunderbird Rose?

Thunderbird Rose induces uplifting mental euphoria. It will boost your creativity and your ability to concentrate, energize your mind, and uplift your mood. This euphoric effect will make you more talkative and cheerful. In fact, you can even find yourself laughing for no reason. When these feelings fade, you will experience couch lock and mild laziness.

What are the Medical Benefits of Thunderbird Rose?

With its mental and physical effects, Thunderbird Rose can be the most ideal option to treat depression, mood swings, chronic pain, stress, and chronic fatigue. The strain’s effects will make you ready and eager to face the next day’s challenges. It can also save you from nausea.

If you have a poor appetite, then try Thunderbird Rose and believe its magical power. It is a strong appetite booster that will make you hungry in no time, so make sure you have something to eat on the table before you start smoking.

What are the Negative Effects that You Can Expect from Thunderbird Rose?

Like other Sativa-dominant hybrids, Thunderbird Rose can also cause common side effects like dry mouth or cottonmouth. Apart from that, you may experience having dry, itchy eyes, a mild headache, or a slightly dizzy feeling.
Other adverse reactions like anxiety and paranoia occur when you take a higher dose. Therefore, taking Thunderbird Rose in moderation is important, especially if you have a weak tolerance to THC.

Tips for Growing Thunderbird Rose

Thunderbird Rose can grow indoors and outdoors. You may cultivate this plant by using different growing techniques.