Tiger’s Milk Strain Review

Tiger’s Milk is the Indica-leaning strain that has a dank, kushy smell and lingering sedative effects. It is the cross between Appalachia and Bubba Kush. The strain goes with a soothing and multi-faceted cerebral and body high that you can enjoy at any time of the day. For its THC content, it ranges between 15 and 17 percent.

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Tiger’s Milk Specifications

Type: hybrid (50% Indica, 50% Sativa)
Flowering Period: 7 to 9 weeks
Climate: semi-humid to warm
Yield: high
Flavors: butter, creamy, earthy, honey, sweet
THC Level: 15 to 17 percent
Height: short to tall
Growing Difficulty: easy

What are the Effects of Tiger’s Milk?

The psychedelic effect of Tiger’s Milk starts by bringing you to a profound mental high. The euphoric flash it can induce will melt away the inhibitions as quickly as possible. Therefore, you tend to feel elated and more joyful. You will be cheerful, happy, and more sociable. Like most Sativa strains, it will motivate you to remain active and eager to work throughout the day. In the end, the strain’s Indica effects will take over, replacing all these Sativa effects with a relaxing and sleepy feeling.

What are the Medical Benefits of Tiger’s Milk?

The strain’s psychedelic effects will benefit you in many ways. It can upbeat your mood to combat stress. It can also help you fight the symptoms of depression. Tiger’s Milk can treat minor to severe pain, helping you fall asleep every night. You can use it for muscle spasms, chronic back pain, and the pains associated with different chronic diseases.

What are the Negative Effects that You Can Expect from Tiger’s Milk?

Tiger’s Milk induces a hard-hitting cerebral rush that can cause a mild headache. Thus, you may feel a bit dizzy. If you take a higher dose, the cerebral rush can also result in a mild paranoia. The Sativa lineage usually produces these adverse reactions.

Tips for Growing Tiger’s Milk

Tiger’s Milk can grow indoors and outdoors. It is easy to grow, so beginners with basic knowledge about gardening may succeed as well in cultivating the strain.
While the natural environment is out in the open under the warm climate, the strain’s growth structure with many lateral branching makes it suitable for cultivating in the grow tents.