22 Tips in Growing Marijuana Outdoors

If you have a wide open space in the backyard, utilize it for marijuana planting instead of spending a lot of money renovating one of your house’s rooms for indoor growing. Indoor gardening will only give you large monthly electric bills and expensive equipment purchases. By using free space in the yard, all your money can go to purchasing good cannabis strains.

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Planting Preparation and Tips

1. If you are new to marijuana growing, it would be best to do research on the types of strains you can use for outdoor gardens.

2. Take into consideration the climate in the area and the type of soil available when choosing strain candidates.

3. Make sure that you purchase the seeds from a trusted supplier as well.

4. Start planting in spring. Most cannabis plants have a year-long life cycle wherein the first weeks are the most important. In order to give it the best growth condition possible, the spring climate is very necessary.

5. While good soil is a must, you don’t have to import if your garden has an adequate soil quality. Specially bringing good soil to your garden will only attract unnecessary weeds and insects that should’ve been scattered around the natural ground.

6. Around the end of summer, you will be able to see the male plants. Remove all of them as fast as you can since the female strains will start focusing on budding flowers by the start of colder seasons.

7. Determine the right time to water by touching the soil with the back of your fingers. A cold feel means it is still hydrated.

8. Start fertilizing 4-6 weeks after planting them outside. Maintain a uniform amount for all plants and avoid overdoing it.

9. It is necessary that you put effort in protecting the garden like the methods below.

10. Put a fence at least 2-feet high around the entire bed.

11. Keep deer away by wiping dried animal blood on the fence.

12. Camouflage the planting site if necessary with ground debris.

13. For urban areas, make sure to plant it in an obscure but suitable place as precaution for theft and neighbor criticisms.

14. You can choose to plant it between other large green plants for camouflage as well.

15. Convenient Tips for Unfavorable Areas

16. You can use large pots for planting if you don’t have a wide backyard. Potted marijuana also makes it easy to follow the sun when the weather is cold.

17. They die when the temperature goes below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so putting them in place where sunlight directly hits help control the temperature.

18. Cover the soil around the plant with natural mulch to retain moisture.

19. For small pots, always cultivate the soil with a thin rod like an ice pick to let the roots breathe.

20. Aim for southern exposure – basically a place where the sun is not obstructed.

21. Training such as super cropping, trellises and topping increase yield.

22. Germination should be assisted indoors or at least under shade.