Titan’s Haze Strain Review

Created by Flying Dutchmen, Titan’s Haze is a Sativa-dominant cross of Skunk #1 and Haze. The result of this combination is a hybrid strain that provides a strong cerebral rush with the flavor and aroma of herbal spice. Titan’s Haze can make you more creative as it has an energizing and stimulating buzz in the morning. The strain can resist climate changes, molds, and pests.

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Titan’s Haze Specifications

Type: hybrid (75% Sativa, 25% Indica)
Flowering Period: 10 to 12 weeks
Climate: semi-humid
Yield: unknown
Flavors: lemon, herbal, citrus, pine, spicy, sweet, skunky
THC Level: 14 to 25 percent
Height: unknown
Growing Difficulty: moderate

What are the Effects of Titan’s Haze?

Titan’s Haze can produce a cerebral high that will hit you with a psychoactive buzz and inspiring, creative energy. Sooner, you will be in the state of meditation that will leave your mind in the clouds while your body stays attached to the world with a relaxing body buzz.

What are the Medical Benefits of Titan’s Haze?

Due to its strong effects and high THC content that ranges between 14 and 25 percent, Titan’s Haze is the best hybrid strain to use in relieving different health problems. It can help if you have depression, migraines, headaches, ADD, ADHD, inflammation, and chronic pain. It can also help you sleep at night as it takes away the pain and discomfort.

What are the Negative Effects that You Can Expect from Titan’s Haze?

When it comes to negative effects, Titan’s Haze may cause dry eyes, dry mouth, mild headaches, and a slightly dizzy feeling. These side effects are temporary but will last for several hours together with the psychoactive effects of Titan’s Haze. When taken in a higher dose, Titan’s Haze may cause worse side effects like paranoia and anxiety. Limiting the dose to the amount that you can handle is the only way to avoid the strain’s unpleasant side effects.

Tips for Growing Titan’s Haze?

Titan’s Haze can grow indoors and even outdoors. All you need to do is provide everything it needs: nutrients, adequate lighting, and protection from rainfalls and direct sunlight though it has a natural resistance to harsh weather conditions.