Tokyo OG Strain Review

Contrary to its name, the Tokyo OG cannabis strain comes from the West as opposed to the East. This marijuana variant is a phenotype of the OG Kush. Its highs slowly creep instead of hitting users almost immediately upon the first toke.

The mental tingling sensations of its highs will keep its users invigorated and entertained for long hours. Furthermore, its potent THC levels of 21% to 24% on average makes it a great smoke for experienced marijuana consumers.

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Tokyo OG Specifications:

Type: Mostly Indica
Flowering Period: 6 to 9 weeks
Climate: Outdoor environments with warm and sunny climates
Yield: 1.2 ounces per square feet
Flavors: Pine, orange, and lemon
THC Level: 21% to 24% on average
Height: less than 30 inches
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Effects of Tokyo OG?

Smoking the Tokyo OG cannabis strain brings uplifting energies to just about anyone who smokes this bud. Perhaps the best time to enjoy this strain is by the time users get out of bed in the morning. It set the right tone for the day as smokers will notice happy springs on their steps on their way to work or school.

Many marijuana users deem this Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain is more effective than their usual cups of morning coffee. Smoking this bud presents productivity and creativity to naturally flow without worry of negative thoughts or emotions blocking their paths.

What are the Medical Benefits of Tokyo OG?

Many cannabis users see Tokyo OG as a great recreational smoke, but don’t forget it has a good number of medicinal properties. Its sour scent can help induce the “munchies,” which can help patients suffering from loss of appetite because of a health issue.

Also, smoking this plant is helpful in properly managing aches and pains. It can help in the relief and treatment of medical conditions like severe back pain, joint flare-ups, migraines, and chronic inflammations.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Tokyo OG?

Smoking Tokyo OG presents very few adverse reactions to its smokers. Perhaps the most prominent negative effects of this strain are cottonmouths and dry eyes.

Tips for Growing Tokyo OG

The Tokyo OG plant is relatively easy to grow and maintain. Less experienced marijuana plant gardeners should plant this bud in outdoor environments with warm and sunny climates.