Top 10 Myth about Marijuana

Marijuana is probably the most popular herb in the world. Not only it has a negative reputation to other people, many believe that it has more benefits than negative attributes. Some people also have different beliefs about it that do not really coincide to what other people believe. This division leads to a misunderstanding and a misconception about what marijuana is and how does it affect the human body. Here are some myths that would eventually make you see that there is more to marijuana than these misconceptions about it.

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  1. It stores fat. Many believe that marijuana’s most popular active ingredient, THC, is stored in the body fat and the effects would last for days. This myth is actually true. Marijuana actually enters the body and is stored in the body fat. And this is the reason why it can be detected even if you only used it once. But this is the only thing that is true about this myth. It may be stored in the fat but its effect does not linger. It is neither harmful to the body fat or the brain of the person using it.
  2. It can cause memory losses. They say that marijuana can cause memory loss such that it reduces the person’s logic and intelligence. This myth is slightly true. You may have trouble accessing your memory while you are still under the influence of the drug but it is only a short-term effect. Once the effects wear off, you are able to access any memory that you have even before you have taken the drug.
  3. Scientifically proven. Marijuana is scientifically proven to be harmful. This is actually not true because many researchers even believe that it has therapeutic effects on humans. So what is the harm in that?
  4. Lack of motivation. Many say that when you take marijuana, you will lose your confidence and motivation. But this is in contrast to some studies that have found that it actually does not lose motivation or any reduction of performance.
  5. Causes crime. It is not just marijuana that they blame for the crimes. Many people often blame drugs to be the cause of any crime that has happened. This is because they think that using marijuana can lead to violence and aggression which causes crime. But this is not true.
  6. Kills brain cells. Marijuana does not cause any reduction in the mental ability of a person.
  7. Gateway drug. Marijuana is coined to be the gateway drug. It’s like the most basic drug that people take before they embark to a much potent one. But this does not follow with the difference in the number of people who actually uses the more potent drug and those who do and has used marijuana before.
  8. It is more potent now. It is actually the same as it was many decades ago.
  9. Causes lung damage. Although you smoke marijuana, it is not as harmful as a cigarette.
  10. Marijuana is addictive. It actually depends on the user. But most people use marijuana for its medicinal effects.