Top 3 Companies that Allow Employees to Use of Marijuana

It seems to be the ultimate dream of most marijuana users to freely get high anywhere, especially at work. Well, some people are already experiencing this. The list below highlights the top 5 companies that allow the use of marijuana. Inside the premises of these organizations, gone are the days when employees had to go to the back alley just to hide will smoking, or dousing yourself with perfume just to make sure that you don’t give a hint through your smell.

In most settings in the corporate world, it has been considered as standard for different employees to file into their meetings with a hot cup of coffee in their hands right before they start strategizing on how to move their business even forward. However, in the fortunate companies listed below, a different approach is being allowed. Rather than a cup of coffee, a different kind of stimulant is being used in order to bring out their creative juices ever flowing.

If you are an avid marijuana fan, and are open to a good change in career, you are lucky enough. These days, there are now companies who openly allow their employees, and some are even encouraging their employees to experience the high at work.

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MassRoots is a social media app that is primarily designed for marijuana users. The co-founder of this company, Isaac Dietrich, explains that he was also high when he thought of this idea, and so ended up promoting the use of marijuana while at work in order to foster creativity. The company is located in Colorado. If you are open to moving to another state, MassRoots is a good option for your career change.

High There

Even the name of the company already suggests the benefits to be experienced when getting the high. This company is based in Denver, and is quite similar to how the dating app Tinder works. However, what makes it different is the fact that it has been designed primarily for those who smoke marijuana. Are you wondering if there are any hotties out there also into the same passion as yours? Just like other similar dating apps, High There allows users to create their personal profiles, swiping through possible matches that are located nearby. A note, however, is that this app has been optimized in order to match people according to their personal preferences of using marijuana. For example, if a certain user prefers the use of vape over smoke, this app would most likely match such person with others who are also nearby who also prefers the same method. Another important feature is the specification of your personal energy level when getting the high. In this way, those who are considered low energy people, who just ends up as couch potatoes will not be matched with amazingly energetic higher.


Another company that allows the use of marijuana, even encouraging its use is Flowhub. It is a software company which develops different types of software management systems especially for legal cannabis growing in order to foster and regulate inventory within the facilities. The co-founder of the company, Kyle Sherman, even mentioned that their company workplace has actually been cannabis-friendly ever since day one, and that the idea is to get things done. Therefore, if smoking weed helps employees to be productive, then they do not really care if weed is consumed at work.

Bottom Line

Ever since Colorado has legalized the recreational use of marijuana back in 2012, marijuana related businesses have already grappled with all of their internal policies in the use of weed. Despite the fact that consumption is outright banned on-site, particularly at licensed dispensaries, businesses that are right on the industry fringe are excluded from the rules, thus allowing employees to smoke pot even inside their corporate facilities.

The best part is that, everything is legal. There is no catch here. Of course, these companies are based in a state where the use of recreational marijuana is allowed. With current research and studies proving that marijuana use does not really make people lazy, and that it is not dangerous to the health of a person, these companies are setting the trend by allowing their employees to become more creative by getting high right at work. At the same time, the rule which allows employees to smoke while at work is based on the philosophy that it greatly helps employees to become more creative. As a result, company owners allow their employees to consume weed even at work, whether it comes in an edible form, or vape, or even if they want to go out a bit in order to smoke a joint. With more companies opening up in this industry, more of these will be expected soon.