Top 5 Christmas Celebration Ideas with Marijuana

Are you spending Christmas with your friends and want to spend it with your favorite herb? Just plainly smoking won’t just cut it. You can do more things with marijuana during the holidays that will surely make it more memorable. In order to help you think about how to spend Christmas with a splice of marijuana, here are some suggestions that you can do.

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Give your friends simple and useful gifts such as vaporizers

Instead of giving other things, you can give them something that they can use to enjoy their dried buds. Why not get them some vaporizers. The simplest and common way to enjoy marijuana may be smoking, but vaporizing is recommended since it is found to be safer than smoking.

Play a game called smoke holding

Smoke holding is a game that can be played with at least three people. But more players can make this game more fun. You have to pass a joint or blunt around in the cipher and hold the smoke in as long as you can until it comes back to you. Blow the smoke and then smoke again. Keep this going until the joint already ran out or you can’t handle it anymore. This is a different way to smoke your marijuana. Instead of just individually smoke from your own joints, have this game and share it with your friends. It is fun and at the same time, you get to do the one thing that all of you do in common.

Or you can just simply watch a movie and vape or smoke

If you are the laid back kind of person, hold something that is mellow. Grab a copy of your favorite movie and enjoy it with your friends while smoking weed. You can also make up a game out of this activity. If you are watching an action movie, you can smoke every time someone gets shot. Or if you are watching a horror movie, you will smoke every time someone gets killed.

How about another game of who can last the longest?

You can roll up a joint of your favorite marijuana strain and smoke it. Smoke until your supply runs out. This can be made into a game with your friends. You can bet who smokes the longest. Smoke as much as you can. And whoever gives up will lose the game. You will surely have a long and good high afterward.

Spice up your food with marijuana

More like marijuana edibles. Cook your food with your favorite marijuana strain in the mix. This is a popular thing to do for many people. If you are tired of smoking your weed, why not eat it? Marijuana can be made into butter or pastry. Prepare your favorite dessert with marijuana. The most popular being marijuana brownies. But be warned, marijuana in food will hit you later than expected. So only eat enough so that you won’t get too much.