Top 5 Hotels that Allow Marijuana

In the state of Colorado, marijuana tourism is a huge thing. While a lot of people are now beginning to accept the market in this industry, it is still early to conclude on some things. As a matter of fact, a lot of commercial lodging companies are still working towards defining their rules and policies, while some are still quite hesitant to publicly introduce their hotels as marijuana friendly. For this reason, a lot of people still choose to rent at private accommodations. However, the list below provides information on the top 5 hotels that allow marijuana use. You can take this into consideration, thus allowing you to prepare for your next Colorado stop.

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Downtown Denver Convention Center

This hotel is nationally recognized to allow marijuana use. Here, you can amazingly enjoy quite a refreshing retreat, and just a block away from the landmark Colorado Convention Center. Therefore, if you are here for a business trip, this hotel is a very convenient location. At the same time, it is also located just within walking distance to nearby restaurants, recreational dispensaries, as well as the lower downtown entertainment district. The booking of the hotel already includes guide to the city, silver surfer vaporizer, as well as discounts to the local dispensaries.

Cannabis Friendly Bed and Breakfast

This accommodation is located right at the heart of Denver downtown. It is the premier urban inn in the city. You will certainly love to stay in this unique, Victorian style mansion. It is just walking distance to the famous 16th Street Mall, which is home to the best restaurants in Denver, along with other shops, and even dispensaries. At the same time, it is also just minutes away from the Cherry Creek shops, the Denver Zoo, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, as well as the Downtown Museum. In this facility, smoking is allowed on the garden area, gazebo, and on balconies. All of the rooms available come with their own private bathrooms. Guests also avail of complimentary gourmet breakfast. There are also vaporizer use friendly rooms that you can book. You can also take advantage of cannabis infused massages, as well as weed friendly airport transportation.

Bud + Breakfast at the Adagio

In this hotel, you can smoke cannabis in an indoor environment, in one of the comfortable lounges available. It is situated right in a beautiful Victorian home. This is not just the first, but also considered as the premier cannabis friendly lodging place in the city. There are six decorated suites available, with each of them equipped with a comfortable, private, unique and quiet environment. Even though the pattern is quite similar to standard bed and breakfasts, hospitality in this facility is extended in order to give way to cannabis passion. A delicious breakfast is included, prepared by an on-site chef. They also provide access to top-of-the-shelf marijuana from their partners. Since this is a cannabis friendly hotel, you can certainly enjoy that peace of mind as you vaporize, smoke, or ingest marijuana products. You are surely free to enjoy smoking in this facility’s cozy living room, comfortable dining room, and luxurious appeal.

Highlands 420 Friendly Bed and Breakfast

This bed and breakfast facility has been beautifully renovated in order to accommodate marijuana lovers who are looking for a good accommodation in the city. It is located right in the Highlands neighborhood. Here you can have easy access to the best restaurants in the city, with walking distance to some of the best shops and dispensaries in the district. Upon booking a stay here, you can expect to have vaporizing friendly rooms to choose from, with a smoke friendly garden area outdoor. You can also take advantage of dab rig and vaporizer rentals should you need one, as well as a guide to the city while enjoying discount coupons. You can also enjoy marijuana infused massages as well as marijuana friendly airport transportation.

Cherry Creek Hotel

If you are looking for the swankiest upper class accommodation in Denver, this hotel in the Cherry Creek district is the best option to go. It is very accessible to the Cherry Creek shopping center, as well as some of the luxurious restaurants and night life facilities in the city. There are rooms that are vaporizer friendly, as well as balcony rooms where you can smoke marijuana to your heart’s content. If you stay two nights in this hotel, you can expect to receive a $20 discount on the offered cannabis tour, as well as save more if you take advantage of interesting vacation packages.