Top Indica Cannabis Strains Of 2018

If you are looking for the top indica cannabis strains of 2018 then this list should be for you. We came up with this list based on our own experience from growing these plants from indica cannabis seeds.

Marijuana is truly in-demand right now, not only because of its recreational use but because of the amount of relief that they provide in helping fight against a lot of different diseases. This is also the reason why the cannabis has been legalized for medical use in different states and countries around the world already: so that more and more people may get to enjoy the blessings of smoking pot.

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There are two main types of cannabis though: the sativa and the indica. The difference between the two is that the sativa strain provides the psychedelic mental high that we are more familiar with when it comes to the recreational use of marijuana. While the indica strain gives the physical “stoned” couch-lock effect that could freeze our muscles into ultimate relaxation if we smoke a bit too many. In this light, the indica strain is said to provide more medical benefits than its counterpart. If you are looking for the marijuana strain to provide relief from pain, or anxiety, then this is the strain for you.

Top 1: Northern Lights

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular weeds of all-time (not only for 2018). It is an indica strain through and through. It has a really spot-on flavor that different marijuana enthusiasts have grown to love and crave for. And why wouldn’t the Northern Lights be this good when it comes from 11 different varieties of different strains. It is not only a hybrid, but it is also THE hybrid.

Top 2: G13

Like the Northern Lights, here is yet another legendary cannabis indica strain. We should really nature for providing us with this really potent cannabis plant. It is probably one of the most potent weeds in the planet – giving you both the high and stoned feeling that you are after. In this light, it is a well known effective remedy against any type of pain.

Top 3: Purple Urkel

If you are looking for another highly potent cannabis indica to smoke, then the Purple Urkel is the one for you. Its fruity blend of berries and grapes is really delicious – but never underestimate this purple weed because its effects are so strong and long lasting that even some marijuana users can’t handle it well. Its knock-out power would surely kick out all insomnia that’s left in you.

Top 4: Granddaddy Purple

Can’t handle Purple Urkel? Then you should probably try its offspring – Granddaddy Purple. Yes, it is even considered as the mass-produced variety of Purple Urkel. It’s got the same fruity scent and flavor of its predecessor, but a more relaxing and calming high. However, it still would not permit you to go out and party. Thus, it’s advisable to take this one before sleeping.

Top 5: Master Kush

Finally, we finish the top cannabis strains of 2018 list with one of the sweetest and citrusy Kush there is – Master Kush. It’s a hybrid developed in South Amsterdam and it is totally in-demand in being one of the best stress relievers out there.