Top Marijuana Grow Lights to Get High Quality Yield

Unless you have an autoflower marijuana strain, you’ll need a set amount of time where you have to expose your photoperiod plant to light. This is particularly true when it comes to indoor growing of mostly Indica strains, whether it’s through a pot with soil, planter’s box, hydroponics, or inside a greenhouse with a SCROG (Screen of Green) or SOG (Sea of Green).

In order for your marijuana to grow properly and with a distinctive zing when smoked, you need to pick the right marijuana to grow lights, particularly LED lights. With so many LEDs available for grow lights, do you know which product to get, which brand to avail, and which company to go with? Luckily, this article is here to help you out making the right decision on your first go.

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What to Look for When It Comes to LED Lights for Marijuana Growing

Novice Growers, Beware: Many novices LED growers will be straining to find the right LED for their weed plant, but they should feel blessed to have LED technology advance enough to give way to LED bulbs when just a few decades ago, the only LEDs you could get your hands on were the Christmas lights variety. Putting LEDs to your marijuana grow room should be carefully considered; if you’re going to make a decision on LED brands, you better make it an informed one. This way, you’ll be rewarded with fast-growing, fast flowering seeds that won’t look like immature bonsai trees when you’re through with them.

Shopping for High Performance Grow Lights: This is all for the sake for the sake of making sure your photoperiod cannabis plant flowers at the right time, with trichomes dripping with resin and high THC percentages.

Our Recommended Grow Light Store: DormGrow.

Customer Service and Cost-Effectiveness: As for DormGrow, its main claims to fame as a LED company mostly roots from its propriety Optimal 8-Band Technology, which allows its diodes to produce large yields due to the consistent brightness of their bulbs that also have efficient designs that maximize light illumination. They’re also renowned for their product feedback ratings, high customer service that has customers satisfied every time, and competitive pricing that allows them to compete with the likes of California Lightworks and Advanced LED. Most importantly, the yields you can acquire from their lights are quite impressive to behold.

Unique Propriety Technology for Novice Usage: DormGrow isn’t the only one with marijuana growth light advancements. Advanced LED, true to its name, has a Diamond Series grow a light line that features optical lenses that outright concentrate the light into narrow spots and spaces, giving them an edge in maximizing the photoperiod needs of even the most light-sensitive of purely or mostly Indica strains. This series is certainly one of the favorites in the LED market because of how forgiving and streamlined it makes the indoor growth and cultivation process of a normally moderately difficult task of making a non-autoflowering strain bloom into maturity.