Toronto 420 Seedbank Review

Toronto 420 Seedbank is both an online seedbank and breeder and is located in downtown Toronto, Canada. With this, Toronto 420 Seedbank has been one of the producers of cannabis seeds in Canada which some seedbanks also sell.

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Best Features of Toronto 420 Seedbank

Shipping Information

Toronto 420 Seedbank does not ship to the USA. This only means that it can ship to any part of the globe except the USA.

Seeds Selections

There’s no wonder why Toronto 420 Seedbank has a good record when it comes to seeds selection. This is because as a breeder and a seedbank at the same time, it has the ability to produce as many strains as it can. This is why; with Toronto 420 Seedbank, you will surely have a wide range of cannabis strains to choose from.

Customer Service

Toronto 420 Seedbank is not as discreet as other. In fact, customers may personally visit them in their location and their staffs are willing to entertain. On the other hand, they also provided their email address and phone numbers as contact information. All in all, this seedbank has customer services that provide good services to its customers.

Website Functionality

Toronto 420 Seedbank’s website is easy to locate. However, their website only showcases limited information. Though it is easy to navigate, it is not highly informational. In fact, some of the basic information is only accessible through entering your email address.

Pricing and Payment methods

Strains of cannabis available in this seedbank have different prices. The difference in prices varies according to certain factors like the type of strains as well as its reliability. When it comes to the payment methods, Toronto 420 Seedbank provides fewer options for their customers. This is because this seedbank only accept VISA as the only accepted credit card to pay.

What we like about Toronto 420 Seedbank

The fact that it is a breeder as well, this seedbank is highly able to provide many choices of cannabis strains.

What we don’t like about Toronto 420 Seedbank

It has limited information about its strains and contact information. Its website is not as highly educated as well.

Our Verdict

Toronto 420 Seedbank is a good choice most especially if you are living within Canada. This is because this seedbank is willing to present you different strains in high quality.