Tres Dawg Strain Review

Tres Dawg is also known in cannabis communities by another name – Violet 25. This marijuana variant has balanced properties for its Indica and Sativa heritage. However, some batches may yield Indica-dominant characteristics.

Its buds have a dark green color with purple leaves. Orange hairs cover the nugs with a generous touch of crystals. Smoking the strain yields scents of citrus and diesel. Some users may also notice hints of pine and spices.

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Tres Dawg Specifications:

Type: Balanced Hybrid
Flowering Period: 7 to 10 weeks
Climate: Indoor Environments
Yield: Unknown
Flavors: Diesel, earth, and pine
THC Level: 25% on average
Height: Unknown
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of Tres Dawg?

Most users of Tres Dawg will notice it introduces itself with a touch of euphoria to the mind. Smokers can’t help but smile while smoking this bud. Once the euphoric feelings starting kicking into high gear, it will soon dissipate. However, it will leave a bit of introspection for its users.

Once the brain has a chance to breathe, smokers will find themselves spacing out on occasion. However, there’s a high chance of their minds and bodies liberated from aches and pains. Smoking this strain close to bedtime will help deliver a sedative effect to help users acquire a heavenly sleep.

What are the Medical Benefits of Tres Dawg?

Tres Dawg has medicinal properties to help in properly dealing with mild to moderate medical conditions. Its CBD levels are lower than many marijuana variants making it a great choice as a sedative. This strain is an ideal choice for helping in the treatment of conditions like depression, chronic stress, chronic pain, and nausea.

Some users may also acquire the “munchies” when smoking this strain. Therefore, it’s also a good choice for returning the palates of patients who lost their appetites from treatments.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Tres Dawg?

Dry mouths, dry eyes, and headaches are common negative effects when smoking Tres Dawg. Inexperienced smokers may also acquire spells of paranoia and anxiety during smoking sessions with this strain.

Tips for Growing Tres Dawg

Most private gardeners won’t have trouble growing Tres Dawg because it can flourish in both indoor and outdoor environments.