Trinity Marijuana Strain Review

Marijuana smokers who can get a hold of Trinity are considered lucky. This rare Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain comes from unknown parents. Smoking this burnt bud will deliver exemplary flavors of sweet earth and pine. Exhales will tickle nostrils with an equally pleasant and crisp fragrance.

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Even though its parents remain a mystery, reports indicate that it’s a cross between a handful of Northern Californian marijuana variants. Some even say that Purple Kush is part of its heritage but there’s not much information to back that claim.

Trinity Specifications

Type: Mostly Sativa
Flowering Period: 7 to 9 weeks
Climate: Indoor or outdoor environments
Yield: 16 to 20 ounces per square meter
Flavors: Earth, sweet, and pine
THC Level: 18% to 21 on average
Height: Unknown
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Effects of Trinity?

The highs of Trinity bring potent and uplifting effects to just about anyone who smokes it. It delivers a powerful punch as users will soar through the heavens with boosts of inspiration. Creative juices will begin to flow as a relaxing euphoria fills the mind.

An invigorating presence will also begin to emanate from the cores of Trinity smokers. However, the additional vigor won’t let users run a marathon but it’s enough to get by with completing daily tasks.

What are the Medical Benefits of Trinity?

The effects of Trinity make it an excellent choice in helping in the treatment of certain medical conditions. For instance, the deep relaxation it offers can help people suffering from insomnia. Some users may experience getting stoned from head to toe when smoking this strain which can lead to heavenly sleeping patterns.

Furthermore, this strain can help diminish symptoms associated with gastrointestinal disorders. Lastly, it can also help in treating PTSD and arthritis.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Trinity?

Most users of Trinity will acquire cottonmouths during smoking sessions. Inexperienced smokers may also get spells of paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness.

Tips for Growing Trinity

The Trinity plant has a relatively fast growth process with a bountiful yield. Its height is said to be stout which means it can grow well in small places.