Triple Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

Any cheese and marijuana lover will definitely get a kick out of smoking this strain. Triple Cheese is the product of a cross between the Cheese and Blue Cheese strains. This combination brings about an aroma filled with earth and cave-aged funk to fill the nostrils of its smokers.

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However, smoking the burnt bud will titillate the palates of smokers thanks to its mixture of cheesy flavors. Even though it does offer a bit of complexity for its growth process, most users will enjoy its pleasurable effects.

Triple Cheese Specifications

Type: Mostly Indica
Flowering Period: 7 to 9 weeks
Climate: Indoor, outdoor, or controlled indoor environments
Yield: 1.97 ounces per square feet
Flavors: Cheese, blue cheese, and blueberry
THC Level: 20% to 22% on average
Height: 39.37 inches
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of Triple Cheese?

Unlike other marijuana variants, Triple Cheese promotes long-lasting highs as opposed to effects that only last until smoking sessions end. Its onset of effects will deliver states of tingling sensations to the minds and bodies of its users. Smokers will feel aroused while fading into an unfocused haze.

As smoking sessions continue, users will feel utterly and completely stoned from head to toe. With these effects, it’s best to smoke Triple Cheese when there are no deadlines within the near future.

What are the Medical Benefits of Triple Cheese?

Aside from being a great casual smoking experience, Triple Cheese can also help in the relief and treatment of a range of medical ailments. Its high THC levels can help in treating conditions like depression, arthritis, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and muscle spasms.

Smoking this strain can also bring about the “munchies.” Patients undergoing treatments who lost their appetites will find themselves going to their kitchen more often in search of food after smoking this bud.

What are the Negative Effects that you can expect from Triple Cheese?

Cottonmouths and dry eyes are the most prominent adverse effects when smoking Triple Cheese. Some inexperienced users might also experience headaches.

Tips for Growing Triple Cheese

The Triple Cheese plant requires a moderate amount of knowledge and understanding of growing cannabis strains. However, it’s still relatively easy thanks to its flexibility. Most gardeners won’t have trouble growing this bud in indoor, outdoor, or controlled indoor environments.