Valentine X Marijuana Strain Review

Valentine X is a hybrid strain and is a variant of the AC/DC strain. It is named after St. Valentines who is the patron saint of epileptics. This strain has a THC: CBD ratio of 1:25 making Valentine X and ideal strain for medical use.

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Valentine X Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Hybrid
Flowering Period: 6 to 9 weeks  
Climate: moderate
Yield:  Moderate
Flavors: citrus, pungent and skunky
THC Levels: 1%, CBD: 25%
Height: moderate
Growing Difficulty: moderate to easy

What are the effects of Valentine X?

Valentine X effects are fast-acting. You will feel euphoric and happy while having an overwhelming relaxing effect. It can make you feel relaxed, happy and euphoric to the point that you are giggling. It also makes you feel creative so you can work on projects easily and efficiently. You will also experience the munchies especially when its effects are wearing off.

What are the medical benefits of Valentine X?

Valentine X is useful in the treatment of pain and inflammation. It can help with conditions like migraines, post-operative pain, post-trauma pain, muscle pain, and arthritis. It can be used to fight stress and depression; it may be a part of natural anti-anxiety and anti-depression treatments.

What are the negative effects that you can expect from Valentine X?

Valentine X is known for its medical treatments but it also has its fair share of side effects. It can cause dry mouth and headaches. It is also possible to feel anxious, paranoid and dizzy especially if this is your first time to try it out. Side effects may be reduced when Valentine X is repeatedly used.

Tips for growing Valentine X

Valentine X have lumpy and dense buds as well as popcorn-like dark olive green nugs with typical blue undertones. These buds should be protected at all cost because these are prone to suffering from a mold. Therefore maintaining the ideal humidity inside your grow room is very important.

You must also feed your Valentine X plants with quality organic food to ensure good health and a large number of buds. This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors but it is preferred to grow outdoors to take advantage of long hours of sunshine and good ventilation.