Viva Sativa Review

Viva Sativa is an online company that sells different types of bongs and other hemp products. It is located in Goethestrasse and is selling a wide range of sain products at reasonable prices. This headshop is one of the best since they offer high-quality bongs that follow the standard of the cannabis community.

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Best Features of Viva Sativa

Shipping Information

This headshop has shown limited information since you need to register in order to have full access to their site. This is why there is no clear information regarding the shipping options for this seedbank.

Seeds Selections/ product selections

When it comes to products, this headshop offers many types of bongs and other hemp products. These wide ranges of products are offered to their customers in order to meet their needs, especially for their cannabis consumption.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Viva Sativa only provided contact information or a platform in order for the customers to contact them. They don’t have so many reviews about their customer service, however, one thing is for sure, and their staffs are willing to answer your questions after receiving it.

Website Functionality

The website of Viva Sativa is not difficult to locate. Though you need an online registration to have full access to their site, their homepage is quite understandable already. It features some information that would benefit its readers and visitors. Most of all, its website is easy to use in which even beginners could use it easily.

Pricing and Payment Method

Since Viva Sativa has a wide range of products, they have a range of prices too in which prices will vary accordingly. For the payment methods, there is no certain information as to what type of payment options they would like to accept.

What do we like about Viva Sativa?

It has many products and its website if not difficult to locate. Its products are of good quality too.

What don’t we like about Viva Sativa?

The information is very limited especially for those who are not yet registered.

Our Verdict

Viva Sativa is a wise choice of the shop if you are looking for bongs and other stuff. This is because their products are of good quality.