Waikiki Queen Feminized Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Waikiki Queen Feminized Seeds

If you don’t want a run-of-the-mill marijuana experience, then the feminized Waikiki Queen is the cannabis strain for you. Named after its unique high experience that makes you feel like you are in the shores of Hawaii itself due to the strong high effect and its interesting taste. The feminized Waikiki Queen weed strain has a unique fruity taste and a powerful high kick due to the pot’s high THC level. This weed is perfect for heavy pot smokers who want to try powerful buds. Growing the feminized Waikiki Queen marijuana strain can be done either outdoors or indoors. This cannabis strain is the favorite among growers who want the most yield harvested. Though the flowering period takes a little longer compared to other strains, this plant makes up for it with its yield that can reach 1150g. Like all feminized seeds, a male plant can still be produced even the Waikiki Queen seeds are 100% feminized due to the environment and condition of the plant when growing.

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Where to buy Waikiki Queen Feminized cannabis seeds?

You can order Waikiki Queen Feminized seeds for low cost from an online seedbank. There are websites where you can order Waikiki Queen marijuana seeds from but make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate company. If you want to know more about a legitimate company where we ordered Waikiki Queen Feminized then click below.

Waikiki Queen Feminized Specification

Type: Sativa
Flowering Period: 11 weeks
Climate: Indoor or outdoor
Yield: 700 g (indoor) – 1150 g
Stone: Sativa high – extreme buzz
THC Level: 24%
Height: 75cm
Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Special Features of Waikiki Queen Feminized

1. It is a sativa marijuana type that can grow tall and produce big and powerful buds. Unlike other sativas, Waikiki Queen Feminized is a great bud producer that can give a yield of 700 grams after 10 to 11 weeks of budding time.

2. Waikiki Queen Feminized is the perfect strain for heavy marijuana smokers because of its very potent buds having a high THC level of 24%.

3. Smoking Waikiki Queen Feminized buds will create a great Sativa high with a breezy Hawaiian mind stone. 

4. The taste of Waikiki Queen Feminized buds is not too hazy with a bit of tutti fruity undertones.

Growing Waikiki Queen Feminized Tips

Adequate ventilation in the indoor garden where you are growing Waikiki Queen Feminized is a must. Proper ventilation is necessary to avoid mold growth on the large colas.