Watermelon Strain Review

The Watermelon delivers a powerful indica sedative effect with its THC levels that can reach up to 20 percent. Despite the nature of the strain, smoking this bud can give you a cerebral high that unleash your wildest imaginations within the pasture of your mind.

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True to its name, the terpenes of the strain gives it a strong watermelon profile with a hint of tropical fruits. The aftertaste also leaves behind a sweet watermelon flavor.

Watermelon Specifications

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid
Flowering Period: 8-9 Weeks
Climate: Sub-tropical climate
Yield: Moderate
Flavors: Fruit, Herb, Sweet
THC Level: 18%-20%
Height: Medium
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

What are the Effects of Watermelon

At the start of the Watermelon effect, you will feel a relaxing high wash over your body. You will feel like floating on a sea of joy with the waves cleaning the negative gunk from your mind and body. What makes the high interesting is its effect on the creative part of your brain. You will feel inspiration coming and going in your mind like that of fleeting dreams. At the end of the high is a powerful sedative effect that leaves you drowsy and ready to hit the hay.

What are the Medical Benefits of Watermelon

The indica nature of the Watermelon can take away the edges of your nerves and muscles. This brings down intense pain levels to a comfortable minimum. In addition, the strain will also take out insomnia with its relaxant effect, helping you get a restful night of sleep. Watermelon can also induce hunger after smoking it. This will help you bring in some need nutrients if you are suffering from an eating disorder.

What are the Negative Effects that you Can expect from Watermelon

While most users may experience dry mouth and eyes, a few might experience paranoia and anxiety after smoking the strain. The latter side effects usually happen when you are not used to highly potent strain.

Tips for Growing Watermelon

All Watermelon plants are full of THC rich trichomes. You can turn them into cannabis edibles such as pot brownies. Trichomes can be collected from plant matter by passing them through a sifting box.