Weed King Review: Let’s See how Cannabis is Bred the German Way

While roaming the online world of cannabis seeds selections, we stumbled across Weed King’s team of marijuana cultivators from Germany.

And since we have heard about the notorious German punctuality and discipline we wanted to give their seeds a try and learn more about the German trace in marijuana growing.

Read to find out more in our Weed King Review.

Weed King’s company is based and operating in Germany.

WeedKing’s team is focused on featuring the newest products to help marijuana growers of all levels cultivate cannabis both indoor and outdoors.

The company introduces their work as an international and mailorder growshop.

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Best Features of Weed King

– affordable and competitive prices

– international shipping

– wide choice of high-quality fertilizers for hydro and soil cannabis growing, substrates, grow lights, ventilation setups, light control tools, temperature control tools, timers, water pumps, and measurement tools

Shipping Information

The company offers international shipping for all of their products. Shipping is possible only against advanced payment.

Seed Selections

The seeds selection is limited and includes Summer Queen (mostly Sativa), Valley Queen (50-50 Indica-Sativa) and Everest Queen (almost entirely Indica).

All seeds are Female and come in a pack of 10.

Customer Service

You can contact the company anytime via the email displayed on the site or you can call them by the phone numbers listed.

The company also has an active fax.

Website Functionality

The site is easy to navigate and all the links to the pages lead exactly where the title suggests.

However, the site is also very outdated.

Graphics and pictures are scarce and we generally feel as if going back to the 90s again while scrolling the site.

Pricing and Payment Methods

All prices are in DM.

Payment is done through a bank transfer.

Before completing the payment, you will receive an invoice from the company upon ordering your preferred products.

What we like about Weed King

– clear shipping policy
– a fine selection of growing tools and equipment
– descriptions about the growing demands and patterns of the seeds are provided

What we don’t like about Weed King

– the site lacks behind from what we expect to see in terms of innovation, graphics and pictures

– the site looks more like a growshop than a seedbank

– the prices listed in DM are super confusing

Our Verdict

We like that even though outdated, Weed King’s company site is very easy to navigate.

We did enjoy the selection of seeds, despite the fact it is very limited.

The stealthy shipping is a huge plus.