What are Marijuana Landraces?

Marijuana as a plant has various strains that have diverse traits that vary on how it was artificially or naturally bred. Whatever the strain is, it still comes from one major origin that was used many centuries ago until today. This strain was known today as the landraces.

Landraces are the origin of almost all the Cannabis strains today due to its unique trait that has been very useful and effective in the breeding of these weeds.

Understanding marijuana landraces and its history and genetics should help choose the right marijuana strain for your cannabis garden.

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What is a landrace?

A marijuana landrace can be defined as a wild growing marijuana that evolved through adaptation in the specific geographic region where they are growing. These strains have moved from their original growing environment to other geographical locations because of trade, war or any other reasons which could be natural or intentional and they evolved through time to survive in the new environment.

There are also major hybridization initiatives conducted by marijuana breeders from around the world which have been done quite recently. The marijuana strains that we actually know right now are mostly not due to natural evolution but due to cross-breeding to produce the best marijuana strains that every kind of grower needs.

Marijuana Landraces Traits

Landraces have a very unique trait that makes this possible. This strain has the ability to easily adapt to any environment that it is planted at. Because of this trait, the cannabis has survived for so long wherever the geographical location it is growing. Since landraces are very adaptable these days, many people need this kind of strain for breeding and developing new strains.

Hybridization of Landraces

Because of the natural adaptability of the Landraces, it is first in the list of the possible and strong mother plant to develop new strains. Since this strain is one of the original strains in the world, it has a high probability of developing good strains in the future.

If you want to create a new strain, then you might want to consider a landrace as a mother plant and breed it with whichever stable strain that you would like it to develop.