What Are The Differences Between Hemp And Cannabis?

Most people understand hemp and cannabis as two same plant variants but unfortunately, they are not. These two plants may somewhat have a slight resemblance to each other but they are actually different. There are many things that you should understand for you to know which one is hemp and which one is the cannabis plant. Although both might have some similar genetic patterns, their use and their content are still different from one another. Read on below to understand their differences.

Things to understand about cannabis

Cannabis is the scientific term referring to the genus of the said plant. Marijuana, the more popular term, is actually its common name. This Cannabis plant has three subspecies, namely Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. The sativa, indica, and ruderalis subspecies are certainly unique from one another.

With the advances of genetic crossing, professional cannabis growers have come up with the best and highly potent strains for Cannabis. These Cannabis strains that come in variety are known for medical use because of their high THC and CBD content, however, the level of these components may differ from one strain to another. The varying levels of THC and CBD are behind the psychoactive properties exhibited by the Cannabis plant.

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Things to understand about hemp

If you are wondering why the hemp plant looks exactly the same as marijuana then the answer is basically attributed to their genetics. Hemp or industrial hemp is actually a variety of the same cannabis genus yet these plants do not possess the same THC and CBD content as in known marijuana strains. They have low or negligible levels of THC or CBD, which makes them non-psychoactive types.

These plants are called industrial hemp because they are certainly harvested for other purposes like fiber, seeds, and oil. They are truly admired in this industry and one should know and understand that these could not be used if you want to get high. Although they might look very the same, these hemp plant dedicated to industrial use are actually utilized and cultivated in a different manner.

Hemp and cannabis in a nutshell

In legality, cannabis is more restricted for use compared to industrial hemp. By understanding the basic things between these two cannabis strains, we are able to see for ourselves that they are truly different. Even though they are closely related in terms of their genetic pattern, still the variations are there because one is psychoactive while the other one is not at all. Cultivation of these two Cannabis plants is another difference to take note.

Professional cannabis growers cultivate cannabis plants (pertaining to marijuana) in search for strains that are highly potent or those that have increased THC and CBD levels when genetically combined. These are dedicated for medicinal, recreational, and even spiritual purposes. Industrial hemp, on the other hand, is cultivated for agricultural reasons. They are actually utilized for the production of raw materials such as those made of oil, seeds, and fiber.