What You Need To Set Up For Growing Marijuana Indoors

Unlike growing marijuana outdoors wherein seeds or seedlings can be planted directly in soil, growing indoors will require more of your time, money, effort and expertise. Indoor pot growing will require to grow equipment so plants can thrive well and produce a high amount of harvest.

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Growing weed indoors needs more attention. You need to set up growing equipment for your indoor garden in order to create a kind of environment favorable for the weed plants. Although an indoor garden is more costly to run as compared to growing pot outdoors, it brings several advantages that would benefit gardeners. If you want to turn your indoor growing venture into success, set up first what are the necessary grow equipment.

Equipment Needed For Growing Cannabis in an Indoor Garden

Lighting system

Sunlight is absent in an indoor garden so setting up an artificial light system is necessary. You have several light options- LED lights, incandescent bulbs, fluorescents and high-intensity discharge lamps (metal halides and high-pressure sodium lamps). In choosing the right type of lighting system, consider the number of marijuana plants you are growing and the space of your indoor weed garden.

Ventilating Fans

A good ventilating system is necessary for the weed plants. Poor ventilation may stunt marijuana plants’ growth and will invite mold growth because of an inappropriate level of humidity. Install ventilating fans to promote proper flow and exchange of air. For small-spaced indoor garden or for a growing closet, opening the door or window at least twice a day will allow a good flow of air but if you are growing cannabis in a large spacious room, installation of cooling fans and blowers is recommended to prevent stagnant air that may cause mold growth.

Odor control system

A good odor control system is needed indoors especially if you are growing a weed type that brings out a strong odor during the budding time. For some weed types, the application of air fresheners, strong perfumes and the use of deodorizer will do. But for those marijuana types that produce a pungent, hash-like smell, the installation of activated carbon filters is recommended so almost 99% of the odor can be eliminated.

Many pot gardeners prefer growing marijuana indoors because of some legality issues. Aside from that, gardeners see indoor pot growing more advantageous. With indoor growing, the environment can easily be controlled. To grow cannabis with ease and to ensure a successful weed growing project, provide your plants with all the necessary grow equipment.