When To Harvest Cannabis Plants

Harvesting the buds at the right time in cannabis growing will give you more potent buds to smoke. Depending on the kind of strain you have chosen to grow, it can take from 8 to 12 weeks or even earlier or later than that for the flowering phase to complete. The harvest time in the growing pot is best determined by looking closely on the color of the stigmas. When there is a change in color, then it is a sign that buds are ready to harvest.

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Buds for Harvest – Look for the Signs

In marijuana growing, the length of the flowering time of the plants will depend on the type of strain and the kind of environment where you grow the plants. Flowering time can take from 6 to 12 weeks or more, depending on the strain. Look at the buds and you will know if they are ready to harvest or not. You will know that cannabis plants are set for harvesting when the buds change color. Change in the color of the buds is one the best signs that marijuana is up for harvesting. When buds are ripened, the color will turn reddish brown or orange. You will know that the buds are on their peak maturity when calyxes are swelling.

The Best Time to Harvest your Weed

In growing weed plants, the harvest time of the buds will actually depend on how fast the plants mature. Indica matures earlier than most sativa types, so harvesting is set earlier on indica plants. The best time to harvest pot buds is when they are already mature. When flowers start to change color, from white to brown, orange or reddish brown, then buds are on their maturity stage. If a cerebral high is preferred, then it is best to harvest the buds earlier. As the buds are on their late maturity, the THC level will slowly drop and turn to CBD which is responsible for giving that body buzz effect.

When to harvest the buds in weed growing will actually be based on the effect that you desire. For high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content, harvest the buds earlier. If high cannabinoid content is preferred, harvesting of the buds should be done during the last stage of the flowering time. The THC content in the buds is higher when buds are harvested early. You will be smoking buds with more CBD if you harvest them late.