What you Need to Know about White Diesel Feminized – A Review

The White Diesel Feminized strain is an Indica dominant strain which is known for its potency and diesel like qualities. The strain is produced by combining an unknown strain with an NYC Diesel. The Diesel strain is considered as one of the top favorites of any marijuana connoisseurs around the world because of its powerful qualities. The effects that this strain can produce may take a few minutes to actually creep in but once the Indica strains kick in, the full effects will ultimately take hold which can result to a hybrid kind of high. The White Diesel Feminized strain can grow well in a sunny or Mediterranean setup and growing the strain can be relatively easy.

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This strain is known to produce a good amount of yield which is a great strain for growers who are looking for high yield and top quality strain. The White Diesel Feminized can produce up to 125 grams per plant which can be considered as a good number. The flowering period is within 8-9 weeks and the plant can grow up to 150 cm when grown outdoors or indoors.

Where to Buy White Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

You can order White Diesel Feminized marijuana seeds from an online marijuana seedbank. There a lot of marijuana seedbanks which ship their marijuana seeds worldwide discreetly. The seeds will be shipped inside discreet packaging like toys, DVD, t-shirts, etc. We did the research for you and we did order from these seed bank so that we can make sure that we can recommend you marijuana seed company that will deliver.

White Diesel Feminized Specifications

Type: feminized
Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks
Climate: indoors and outdoors
Yield: up to 125 grams per plant
Stone: hybrid
THC Level: high
Height: medium to tall
Grow Difficulty: easy to moderate

Special Features

– The White Diesel Feminized strain is known for its diesel qualities such as its dank and clinging stench. The flavor of the smoke is described as citrusy and zingy which can be refreshing.

– The strain is 100% feminized which can be the best strain for growers who are looking for all female marijuana buds with high yield and quality.

– This strain has a thicker covering of trichomes and has a distinct sharp and fruity taste.

– The effects of the White Diesel Feminized strain can be described as complex and yet can still produce a very enjoyable sensation.

– The Sativa buzz of this strain can be very uplifting and speedy which makes it a great strain even for novice smokers who are looking for a great way to relax.

Growing White Diesel Feminized Tips:

Since the White Diesel Feminized strain is best grown on sunny or Mediterranean weather, growers must provide the most ideal climate or temperature when cultivating the plant. The strain can also be grown indoors with the help of lamps but growers must make sure that they have enough room and height for the buds to grow indoors.