White Gold Feminized Marijuana Strain Review

The White Gold Feminized is a strain that is composed of only female strains. It is easier to grow since there are no inbreeds of the gender of the plants so you will not have the hassle to keep plucking out the male strain to get a better quality of the plant. It is not commonly used because of the fact that it is quite expensive and growers will have to save up some big bucks in order to get a hold of a stalk.

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This kind of strain needs an extra attention because of it very fragile while it is growing and because it is dear which can be a waste of money if you cannot gain the best quality and attain its fullest potential. Growers must be willing to invest a lot of their time and money. The whole environment suitable for the right growth must be warm with longer exposures to high temperatures. The best benefit that you can have comes with the fact that it is a good combination of the sativa and Indica thus giving the sort of high that you would not want to go away.

Where to Order White Gold Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

You can order high-quality White Gold Feminized marijuana seeds from a reputable online marijuana seed bank. The seeds will be shipped inside discreet packaging like T-Shirt, DVD, Sex Toy, etc. Most of these companies don’t like shipping to the USA because of the strict customs checks. We did the research to find a marijuana seed company that ships worldwide with a high success rate of delivery.

White Gold Feminized Specifications

Type:  Feminized
Flowering Period:  50-65 days
Climate:  outdoors and indoors
Yield:  Heavy
Stone: pleasant high
THC Level:  High
Height:  Average
Grow Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

White Gold Feminized Special Attributes

– The buds are covered with resin.

– Its taste is sweet and it has that kind of syrupy feels when it hit your palate and your sense of smell.

– It has a fruity aroma which is very pleasing to the nose.

– It turns purple when exposed to cold temperature. However, with this kind of strain, because of the cover-up that it has, it gives off more of a darker tone such as indigo which can be very interesting for avid cannabis growers.

Tips in Growing White Gold Feminized Strain

This is a very sensitive plant and costs more than what you can expect that is why it really does need the kind of attention that growers are willing to invest in with the kind of effort that they will be putting especially in setting it up with the suitable environment. It prefers a wide and hot atmosphere, that is why it is best if you grow it outdoors but if you choose in growing it indoors then you can put out heating lamps as to expose the strains in the perfect humidity.