White Gold Marijuana Strain Review

This strain of Marijuana is of Indica type. It is said to be a great yielder typically grows indoors but can also be of good quality even if grown outdoors. The strain can be harvested in 54 days tops with a height that is considered to be tall in most of the Cannabis plants. The plant is dense in terms of flower formation and is said to give out pleasant looking plants.

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The effect of White Gold is very promising because it is a big source of pain relief. It causes numbness in the senses thus relaxing the muscles and basic parts of your body that has tension all over it. It is also a big breakthrough in the medical industry because of its given effect. It is used and prescribed by doctors who have patients that are in severe pain due to certain specific underlying conditions.

Order White Gold Marijuana Seeds Online

If you want to grow White Gold marijuana strain then you should start from seeds rather than clones. With marijuana seeds, you are sure that your plants will be healthier and can give you bigger yields. Buy marijuana seeds from an online marijuana seedbank which ships worldwide indiscreet manner.

White Gold Specifications

Type:  Feminized
Flowering Period:  50-65 days
Climate: indoor and outdoor
Yield: Heavy
Stone: pleasant high
THC Level:  High
Height:  Average
Grow Difficulty: Easy

White Gold Special Characteristics

– Its leaves are thick and have a dark tone of green.
– It is quite bushy making a view that is like having more than the excellent that you already have.
– It is a great yielder; however, it needs more attention because of the fragility of its growth.
– It grows into a very pretty plant.
– Its buds are crystallized and turn purple when exposed to low temperatures.
– Its buds are big and heavier compared to other strains or the average Cannabis strain.
– Gives off a relaxing effect and can numb down pain.
– Has a very strong smell which can be easily detected.

Tips in growing the White Gold strain

Because of the fragility of its growth in its early development, the grower must consider the techniques used by expert gardeners in order to get the plants’ full potential. It is very difficult to trim but you do not have to do that often and or at all; given that the plant is still in the average height with healthy stalks. It is commonly grown indoors but if you are not comfortable with the smell that it gives off then you can opt to grow it outdoors which will need more of your attention for the control of its environment.