White Haze Review – What you need to Know about the Strain

Unlike many other strains, White Haze sativa has a reduced flowering time. This is an advantage because you can yield twice as many of the plant as it normally should. Considering that it has a heavy yield, this kind of strain is a very suitable plant for people who are growing cannabis for profit. Its hybrid features are apparent; meaning that both sativa and indica are visible in its physical looks. Also, the high THC levels give a formidable kind of stone that will make consumers hallucinate labeling it high as a euphoric one.

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The buds of the White Haze strain are covered with crystal like matters. It has a brown pigment because of the little hairs that come with it. Also, the overall color of the buds is light green and is fairly dense. It can have a strong smell that is why you do not want to store it inside an enclosed area. An interesting fact about the White Haze is that it harvested the first prize for the 2002 Cannabis Cup.

Where to Buy White Haze Marijuana Seeds?

Ordering marijuana seeds has never been this easy with the internet. A lot of marijuana seed banks have been selling their high quality marijuana seeds like White Haze and other premium strains for quite some time now over the internet. Most of these companies ship worldwide discreetly. We did the research to find a recommended marijuana seed company that does have a high success rate of delivery to their customers worldwide.

White Haze Specifications

Type:  Feminized Hybrid
Flowering Period:  50-70 days
Climate:  indoors and outdoors
Yield:  Heavy
Stone: euphoric high
THC Level:  high
Height:  90-140 cm
Grow Difficulty: Moderate

White Haze Features

– It is a Grade A product; meaning that it is of best quality.

– It has crystallized buds that have slight light brown hairs with an overall coating of light green.

– It has a strong smell that somehow gives a very dense atmosphere when contained in a closed room.

– It has an earthy taste which can be considered neutral; unlike other strains which have very strong and unpleasant taste.

– The smell and taste of the White Haze stays in the sense organs for long periods of time.

– Its high is considered as a pain reliever because of the numbness and the doziness that you might feel right after using it.

Tips in Growing White Haze

Just like any other plant, this type of strain must be properly grown in order to gain its fullest potential. You must consider the environment that you put it in and the factors that can enhance its growth. If you prefer it growing indoors then you should be able to assess if all that it needs can be provided for. Also, you must make sure that it is properly cut and trimmed.