White Kryptonite Strain Review

White Kryptonite is the cross between White Widow and Kryptonite. This Indica-dominant strain comes with intense euphoric power that becomes trance-like and hypnotic sometimes. That is one reason why White Kryptonite is a great option for meditative and introspective evenings.

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The buds of White Kryptonite are huge. They look like popcorns with minty green nuggets and dark olive green leaves and frosty white trichomes. White Kryptonite comes with a spicy scent of floral herbs and a sweet, pungent, and sharp floral tea taste with a hint of sour, earthy taste.

White Kryptonite Specifications

Type: hybrid (50% Indica, 50% Sativa)
Flowering Period: unknown
Climate: unknown
Yield: unknown
Flavors: blueberry, berry, herbal, grape, sweet, spicy
THC Level: 25 percent

What are the Effects of White Kryptonite?

White Kryptonite produces an enthralling and trance-like feeling that will knock you down and leave you feeling helpless. The strain’s high begins with a mild uplifting mental buzz that will leave you euphoric. It will keep you trapped in the state of misty introspection.

You become spacey and distant, making White Kryptonite unsuitable for any social situation. The mental effect comes along with the creeping body buzz that will overtake you with a hazy, lethargic feeling that will lead you in the couch-locked state.

What are the Medical Benefits of White Kryptonite?

The strain’s strong Indica effects and high THC content that can be as high as 25% make it ideal for treating various conditions. It can help you fight chronic pain, migraines and headaches, chronic stress, insomnia, and anxiety.

What are the Negative Effects that You Can Expect from White Kryptonite?

Like other hybrid strains, White Kryptonite can cause common side effects like cottonmouth and dry eyes. You can get rid of these negative effects by drinking more water, especially while you smoke.

Tips for Growing White Kryptonite

White Kryptonite can grow indoors and even outdoors. Feed the plant well and keep it protected from extreme moisture. Your success in cultivating this strain will depend more on your skills and experience. Growers with enough experience typically succeed in cultivating White Kryptonite on their own.