White Kush Strain Review

White Kush is an Indica strain with a few prestigious genetics. This plant is the cross between White Widow and the Afghani landrace Indica. With the typical OG funk and intense sedative effects, White Kush is best to use in daytime or even at night when you nothing to do. The strain’s THC content ranges between 11 and 29 percent.

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White Kush Specifications

Type: Indica
Flowering Period: 9 to 10 weeks
Climate: humid climate
Yield: average
Flavors: sweet, pine, berry
THC Level: 11 to 29 percent
Height: short
Growing Difficulty: moderate

What are the Effects of White Kush?

The strain’s high is a creeper as it takes ten minutes to come by, even for users who regularly use cannabis. This mental effect can lead to a minor case of vertigo. Your cheeks may become reddish, or your mouth may become watery due to increased saliva production.

Sooner, you will experience a deeply soothing and relaxing tranquilizing feeling. You will begin to feel pain-free while deep and restorative breathing occurs easily and more freely.

What are the Medical Benefits of White Kush?

The strain’s calm, medicinal effects can also help anyone fight depression, stress, PTSD, and anxiety. White Kush can also stimulate hunger, which is ideal for patients who have lost their appetite due to disease or treatments such as chemotherapy. The relaxing effects of White Kush can ease deep-seated pains and aches including minor problems like nausea and headaches.

What are the Negative Effects that You Can Expect from White Kush?

Like other Indica strains, White Kush can cause dry mouth, a cottonmouth, and dizziness. These three are the common signs of dehydration caused by smoking cannabis. The best solution is to keep yourself rehydrated. In worse cases, White Kush can cause paranoia and headaches if you take the strain in a higher dose.

Tips for Growing White Kush

White Kush can grow indoors and even outdoors. When cultivating it outdoors, make sure the temperature stays between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The plant takes nine to ten weeks to grow indoors and yields around 37 grams of flowers per square foot.