White Label Jack Herer Review

Jack Herer is the definition of classic white label finesse. It’s considered one of the finest of its kind, the connoisseur’s cannabis marijuana strains. On that note, the White Label Jack Herer presents a delectable combination of top quality hybrids. It’s a true champion that enjoys multiple Cannabis Cup wins, plus it’s perfect for indoor growing (although since it’s Sativa, outdoor growing isn’t out of the question.

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As for its highs, like the finest wine, it hits you immediately. Whether you smoke it by bong, by joint, or by hash, the impact of Jack Herer is kinetic, fast-hitting, and psychedelic. Instead of a full body stone, you’ll be looking at rock-hard, resin-coated nuggs full of spicy aroma with almost hallucinogenic properties (but not too much, hence its 12.5%) that will make you come back for more.

Where to Buy Jack Herer Marijuana Seeds?

If you want to buy Jack Herer marijuana seeds then you should order them from an online marijuana seed company which offer discreet shipping worldwide. Most companies don’t like shipping to countries like Australia, New Zealand or the USA because of your laws but there are companies which still do use their discreet methods like T-shirts, DVD, and many more. We did the research to find the best marijuana seed company where you can order Jack Herer marijuana seeds from. We also did test orders to make sure that they deliver and they did.

White Label Jack Herer Specifications

Type: Sativa
Flowering Period: 50-70 Days
Climate: Indoors or Outdoors
Yield: 300-400g/m²
Stone: Uplifting and happy
THC Level: 12.5%
Height: 80-100 cm
Grow Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Special Features of White Label Jack Herer

– Jack Herer, especially the White Label Jack Herer, is renowned for its genetics. This subtle F2 variation of the F1 strain has award-winning parents in its gene pool.

– Most examples of Herer as far as phenotype variation is concerned lean towards the tall, energetic mostly Sativa strain with a resin-filled, hazy punch as far as its effects are concerned.

– Another noteworthy thing about this strain is its uplifting and almost psychedelic effect. It’s noteworthy because weed is usually associated with relaxation rather than mind-altering positivity.

– Jack Herer has been crossbred to have a manageable size (despite the mostly Sativa traits) and good yield, especially the females of the species.

– The THC percentage is also adjusted in accordance with making a balanced breed. It’s just psychedelic enough with THC, but not too potent. It’s just right.

 Growing Tips

You can grow it indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouses. Most Sativas can grow best outdoors genetically speaking, but with the White Label Jack Herer, it’s been crossbred specifically to display the Indica characteristic of controlled and easy growth indoors while still retaining its wild and flourishing traits indicative of Sativa marijuana strains. It’s the best of both worlds with this strain, really.

It takes 7 to 10 days before it could flower, and it has a decent 300-400g/m² yield and it propagates itself best in Sunny or Mediterranean climates. The yield is large and the strain should get a set amount of light since it’s a photoperiod regular strain.