Marijuana Strain Review – What you Need to Know about White Label Purple Bud

The White Label Purple Bud Feminized is a high-potency, yield-opulent feminized plant with a bulk of Sativa and a purple tendency. The feminized purple bud can be grown indoors and is very much equally bountiful outdoors during spring under temperate climates. The grand yielding of the Purple bud is perfected by the significant inter-breeding of the best cannabis gene-databases in the world. The Purple Bud’s traces can leads all the way back to the legendary Indica cultivars among the Hindu Kush regions. The ancestral traces of the purple bud developed evolved to become feminized until it reaches the medicinal ground of the Californian breadth to Europe’s cannabis growing platform.

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The pure parent source of the Afghanica cultivars is the main perforator of the Purple Bud Feminized dense and opulent yielding nature. The strong build of the Indica variant plant is massively helped by the Jamaican family source. The ultimate stage of Purple Bud feminized breeding seed-strain is to cross this 75% Afghani with Kush hybrid from Dutch-bred Kush and US-grown Kush.

Where to Order Purple Bud marijuana seeds?

There is a lot of marijuana seed company that offer worldwide discreet shipping of their marijuana seeds for sale. However, only a few can actually assure you of a high percentage of success rate. We have done the research for you so that you don’t need to stumble from one company to another just to find the best marijuana seed supplier. You can order Purple Bud marijuana seeds from a legitimate company that we can recommend. Click the link below to learn about the company.

White Label Purple Bud Specifications:

Type: Mostly Indica
Flowering Period: 50-65 days
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Yield: 100 – 150 grams/m2
Stone: Cerebral high
THC Level: 13.4 %
Height: 110-150 cm
Grow Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

White Label Purple Bud Special Features:

– The Purple Bud, like all Feminized buds, healthily grow under Temperate or Continental climates.

– The purple color of the Purple Bud’s leaves is facilitated by the dominant Indica Kush strains.

– In the closest scenario, it is always a tendency for the Purple bud to change color from purple to green.

– It’s not surprising to behold Purple Bud Feminized deep green accentuation in her purple leaves since its strong purple tendencies are consequential.

– It gives a potent high for those who are interested to cultivate easy strains.

Growing White Label Purple Bud Tips:

One of the greatest assets of this strain is its ability to be cultivated both for indoor and outdoor purposes. The flowering period is on average, ranging at 2 months. You will also notice that it is an expectant feature of the purple bud feminized to grow darker in color through the flowering period. This strain is ideal for any beginner who wishes to start off with an easy strain that they can try.