White Label Rhino Review – What is it for you?

The White Label Rhino strain is an original that produces both male and female plants. It is a good source for cloning due to its stability as a cannabis strain. It is not expensive compared to other strains and it can have very good quality yield. It is a great yielder that is why growers prefer this kind of strain. It is pocket-friendly and at the same time a good investment. The extra attention needed by the plant is due to the development part which determines its quality in the end.

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The strain of White Label Rhino prefers sunny climate. It produces better weed when it has the right exposure to sunlight and all of the other factors needed to grow the right kinds of Marijuana. It has an average height but can grow taller with a true gardener’s hand. If you really know how to grow the stuff, not only will you have a great yield with the best qualities but you can have a shorter flowering period reaching its utmost potential.

Where to Buy White Rhino Marijuana Seeds?

You can order affordable yet high-quality White Rhino marijuana seeds and other regular, feminized or auto-flowering cannabis seeds from an online marijuana seed bank from Amsterdam. The marijuana seed company will ship to your address in a discreet manner that even your postman won’t know what you just ordered. Shipping to your country may differ depending on where you are at.

White Label Rhino Specifications

Type:  Indica
Flowering Period:  45-60 days
Climate:  indoors and outdoors
Yield:  Heavy
Stone: solid numb high
THC Level:  High
Height:  Average
Grow Difficulty: Easy to moderate

White Label Rhino Special Features

– It is a potent hybrid whose buds are covered with resin. It looks like it’s frosted in a crystal-like manner.

– Its flowering period is shorter compared to other strains which are an advantage considering that growers won’t have a long time to wait in order to taste their product.

– Its height is moderate so you don’t have to worry about trimming.

Tips in Growing White Label Rhino

Like other cannabis strains, the White label Rhino needs proper care. The development of the plant into its flowering period up until it is ready for harvest determines its quality. If you are interested in growing this type of strain then you must be aware about its preferred environment and the likes. You can decide whether to grow it indoors and or outdoors and start from there. If you put it outdoors then you must be prepared for the indefinite inevitable weather changes. On the other hand, if you place the strain indoors then you should be capable of providing the right environment with the Know How’s of the frequency of exposure to certain factors.