White Label White Widow Automatic Review

White Label White Widow Automatic is one of the strongest strains of marijuana together with Afghan Kush and AK-47 because of its 20 to 25% THC level. It is considered the most potent cannabis plant in the world.

Taste and effects

A sour, sweet taste and an aftertaste of pure sweetness take when smoked. This plant is not recommended for inexperienced smokers since the effects are high CBD and a feeling of physical buzz that may surprise a first time user.

One of the most adored qualities about auto flowering cannabis seed strain is the fact that it can complete its flowering development without being disturbed. Regular cannabis seed strain is affected by environmental factors such as unequal distribution of light during irregular hours of dark hours.

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Where to Order White Widow Automatic Seeds?

If you want to grow White Widow Automatic from seeds then you want to buy high-quality marijuana seeds from a reputable online marijuana seed bank. There are a lot of marijuana seed companies out there and finding the best company for you will surely be a headache. We did the research to find the one that we can recommend. We made sure that the marijuana seed company has good customer service, good pricing, discreet shipping method, discreet payment methods, a high success rate of delivery to any country, and has a wide array of options for marijuana seeds.

White Label White Widow Automatic Specifications:

Type: 40% Sativa / 60% Indica
Flowering Period: 6 to 8 weeks
Climate: Indoors
Yield: 450 grams
Stone: High CBD and physical buzz
THC Level: 20 to 25%
Height: 35 to 80 cm
Grow Difficulty: Easy to moderate

White Label White Widow Automatic Special Features:

– The taste of the flowered plant of white label white widow automatic is a taste of fresh fruits combined together.

– Smokers of cannabis are a fan of the white widow’s thick, acrid, and sweet smoke that gives them a powerful hammering stone.

– The leaves are dark green that is covered with resin and are broad. The buds are hard, thick, loaded with resin, compact and with few leaves.

– By simply touching the leaves of this plant you will experience its strong delicious aroma.

– It has a bittersweet aftertaste.

Growing the White Label White Widow Automatic:

The name of this plant refers to the abundance of trichomes that gives it a whitish tint. The seeds of this plant are composed of 40% Sativa and 60% Indica. It must be grown indoors since it is best suited for this type of cannabis cultivation. The height of the white widow is up to 80cm and can yield 450 grams per m2. It takes 6 to 8 weeks of twelve hour light to flower this marijuana. However, a 10-week old flower plant will show you the crystals that this marijuana plant is popular for. To keep the plant for a longer lifespan and its flowers from re-growth, you must turn off the lights simultaneously in the final 2 weeks of the flowering time.