Review of White Skunk Marijuana Strain

A nice variety for people who are starters in growing cannabis seeds, this White Skunk strain is popular for those who are interested in getting high-quality cannabis, even at a reasonable price. It is one of the many skunk strains that is quite popular on the market these days because of the sativa qualities that it possesses. Even though the scent is like the Skunk aroma, it is mixed with an orange burst hint that is similar to Cointreau. People buy this White skunk because of many reasons, but most people attracted to its high yield.

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This strain is the one to buy if you want to grow cannabis that is easy to cultivate but with greater yields. It can both be grown from indoors and outdoors so it is a flexible choice for most growers. The flowering time is a mere nine weeks so it is also fast with potent buds that can provide a strong kind of high to help out users for both pleasurable and medicinal purposes. It’s a strain that might be moderately hard to cultivate, but it is also one that is worth it.

Where to Buy White Skunk Marijuana Seeds?

Buy White Skunk marijuana seeds from a reputable online marijuana seed bank which ships worldwide in a discreet manner. Ordering marijuana seeds from a legit marijuana seed bank will give you an assurance that you will only be getting high-quality seeds that will grow into high-quality marijuana plants with a good yield of potent buds.

White Skunk Specifications:

Type: Indica / Sativa
Flowering Period: 9 weeks
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Yield: 450grams/m2
Stone: Strong High
Height: 50 cm
THC level: 20%
Grow Difficulty: Moderate

White Skunk Special Features:

– White Skunk has medium sized, but long buds which are so thick that is glistening white with the THC crystals on it.

– The white skunk has a familiar smell if you are a skunk lover because they are similar in a way but the aroma of this is an improvement or the original skunk smell.

– She produces buds in the resin crystals and fuses a rich orange scent that smells like a fine liqueur.

– This white skunk retains the rapid flowering time while her bud reflects the sativa in her ancestry.

– All skunk strains are nice and easy to grow.

Growing White Skunk Tips:

This is the strain that is good for indoors and it will flower in around eight weeks. If you want to plant it outdoors, then it requires a sunny climate for the best results and yields after its flowering phase. You shouldn’t worry about how to plant it even if you are just an amateur because this skunk cannabis is easy to grow.