The Reasons Why a Grower Should Clone Marijuana

Consider growing pot from cuttings if you want fast growth, early flowering, and harvest. Marijuana clones can go well with any type of medium. You can either cultivate cannabis clones in soil; in hydroponics system or using other grow mediums. Cloning is done by many because it gives growers money and time savings. You can save money if you start from clones simply because a purchase of seeds is not necessary. You can even ask a friend for quality clones or you may buy rooted clones or freshly cut stems or branches from a reliable marijuana breeder. The purpose of producing clones for weed growing is for early bud harvest, preservation of quality marijuana genetics and to save money and time.

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Preserving the Weed Genetics

The best way to preserve your favorite cannabis strain is through cloning. In closing, you can enjoy less time of growing your preferred strain while at the same time having money savings because no seeds are purchased. If you are currently growing marijuana with good genetics and you want to repeatedly grow it, get cuttings from the plant during the vegetative or flowering phase. Cuttings can still be obtained even after harvest is done. You can repeatedly grow an exceptional marijuana type in the lesser time and less money spent.

Qualities that a Mother Plant Should Have

The purpose of marijuana cloning is to continually grow your most favored strain and for early harvesting. For most gardeners who are growing marijuana, it is much easier to start growing pot using clones instead of seeds.  Do not waste your time cloning cheap but low-quality pot strain. Since you will be investing time and effort in taking care of your cannabis cuttings, get a mother plant with high-quality genetics. Aside from that, look for these characteristics in a strain where you want to obtain your clones from:

–          fast growth

–          less demanding to grow

–          natural resistance against pests and molds

Saving Time in Pot Growing

Growing cannabis from cuttings of a good quality mother plant will give you the advantage of saving time. Less time is required if you are growing weed from clones. It is because, in cloning, you are skipping the germination process. Germinating marijuana seeds can take from several days to weeks before all seeds will finally sprout and ready for transplanting. In using marijuana clones, all you need is to root the cuttings and you can transplant them in your preferred growing medium.

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