Why we Love Marijuana (And you Should Too!)

These days, marijuana, most particularly medical marijuana, is already acknowledged as a perfect alternative to using pharmaceuticals. Even though there may be some controversy related to its actual use, it has been recognized as a very effective treatment in fighting symptoms of different ailments. In our modern times, more and more people understand the benefits of marijuana. As a matter of fact, doctors are prescribing them, and patients are now requesting for them.

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Marijuana Actually Works!

Patients, in general, opt for medical marijuana when all other treatments that they have tried to fail. These are the type of people who have become tired of feeling the pain and suffering that they feel daily, and they just want to try any solution that can possibly lessen the pain. Scientific trials as well as individual testimonials have shown that marijuana can reduce the pain and suffering that are often associated with illnesses such as AIDS, glaucoma, cancer, MS, spinal cord injuries, PTSD, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and many other psychological and physical conditions choose to take medical marijuana in order to provide treatment simply because it actually works!

Marijuana is Natural

Marijuana is produced naturally. It traces its roots back in Asia, but these days, however, they can grow in tropical and humid areas all over the world. It has been used all over the world in order to manufacture paper, hemp products, oils for steam baths, as well as for recreational and medicinal purposes. The natural properties of marijuana are in contrast to what pharmaceutical drugs offer. The latter are generally made in the laboratory using different chemicals. For this reason, a lot of patients opt to medicate themselves with marijuana instead of allowing more toxic chemicals to their bodies.

No Harmful Side Effects

The shorter-term side effects of marijuana may include dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, sore throat, as well as anxiety. When it comes to the long-term side effects, they are still unclear and unproven. As compared to traditional medications which may result to death, organ failure, the possibility of blindness, thoughts of suicide, digestive and sexual issues, as well as other harmful adverse effects, marijuana is the safer option. Even though you may still have to expect some side effects of using marijuana, they are just temporary and will just subside. On the other hand, the side effects of using traditional medications may create lasting and harmful problems.

Not Risk of Overdose

The symptoms of overdose are just very mild and temporary, just like the side effects of using medicinal marijuana. When people talk about marijuana overdose, they may actually just be talking about the after-effects, such as the feelings of paranoia, psychosis, as well as increase heart rate. The feelings related to these side effects will just subside and are not dangerously fatal. They generally occur when marijuana is ingested through food simply because cooking it can even produce relatively stronger side effects. As a matter of fact, nobody really died just because of marijuana intake.