Yoruba Nigeria Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Yoruba Nigeria Seeds

The Yoruba Nigeria cannabis strain is a very special and unique strain, as it has never been crossed with other strains before. This particular weed originated from Africa, and according to Yoruba mythology, it was smoked for medical and spiritual purposes. The Yoruba Nigeria marijuana strain has a very hash like taste and scent, with a hint of carrots, mandarin oranges, and mangoes. This pot has a strong smoke with a fruity finish. Though it is not considered to be the best yielder in the pot market, it produces a long and large top bud, with branches that are also complete with small and dense buds. Cautious smoking is advised for this weed strain as it has a fairly high THC level content. The Yoruba Nigeria weed strain is recommended for novice growers since it is a very sturdy plant, and easy to maintain. This marijuana strain is mold-resistant and is very flexible to both warm and cool climates.

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Yoruba Nigeria Cannabis Specification

Type: Sativa
Flowering Period: 8 weeks
Climate: Indoor
Yield: 350g/m2
Stone: Sativa high – cerebral buzz
THC Level: 15%-20%
Height: 70cm
Grow Difficulty: Easy

Special Features of Yoruba Nigeria

1. Yoruba Nigeria is called as a “special marijuana strain” because it is a pure Sativa that has never been a crossbreed.

2. This strain is an indoor type that can grow up to a medium height and has the ability to produce 350 grams per plant of yield after it finishes flowering in 8 weeks.

3. It has a hash-like taste and smoking the Yoruba Nigeria buds will create a cerebral high and can put the smoker to a euphoric condition because of the 15% to 20% THC level.

4. This cannabis variety is found to hold good medicinal properties and has been used for both spiritual and medical purposes.

Growing Yoruba Nigeria Tips

If you are just new in growing pot and you decide to cultivate Yoruba Nigeria in soil, use a commercial potting soil mixed with worm castings, bat guano and other organic substances for healthy growth.

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