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Growing Marijuana Tips was founded in 2012 with the following goals in mind:

  • To become a trusted online resource for people who want to learn how to grow marijuana.
  • To provide reliable and easy to understand marijuana growing tips and advices.
  • To create a place where medical and recreational marijuana enthusiasts can come and help each other regarding marijuana growing and other topics in the marijuana world.

Growing cannabis can be easy if you have the right growing supplies like marijuana seeds, soil, lighting, nutrients, pest control, growing environments, grow methods and many others. We have covered them here. This website contains some of the best tips, information, and product and seedbank reviews so that we can help you get the best out from your marijuana plants.

Our Most Popular Contents

Growing Elite Marijuana Review

Ryan Riley's Growing Elite Marijuana has been dubbed as the "marijuana grow bible" because it has become a phenomenal marijuana growing guide. Is it worth all the hype? You might ask. To answer that, we purchased Growing Elite Marijuana so that we can come up with this honest review. Read our Growing Elite Marijuana review so that you can decide on whether or not buying i [...]

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How to Take Care of Marijuana Seedlings

After germinating the marijuana seeds and you see that they have already fully sprouted, special care must be given to the young cannabis seedlings since they are very delicate during this stage.  You can get a lot of information on how to grow marijuana from websites and forums but getting a complete how to grow weed book like the Growing Elite Marijuana eBook by Ryan Ril [...]

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Guide on Marijuana Flowering

After the vegetative phase of cannabis growing, the next stage is the flowering time in which the plants will start to bloom and produce buds. The flowering period is the time for you to decide whether you want only female plants that produce buds or you want to retain some males for pollination. Whether you want the weed plants for pollination or mainly for bud production, pro [...]

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Swazi Marijuana Strain Review Information and Growing Tips – Where to Buy Swazi Seeds

The Swazi marijuana strain is a pure Sativa strain that originated from Swaziland, for which it got its name. This weed is a very tall plant, growing up to 3 meters in height and could produce up to 13 blades of leaves. Because of this, this pot has easily become one of the most sought-after cannabis strains. Another characteristic of this plant is that the buds are very sticky [...]

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Our Most Recent Posts

How to Come Down from a High When You are Smoking Too Much Weed?

If you use marijuana for recreational or medical purposes, you must never overuse or overindulge. Smoking or using too much weed can lead to severe effects. Too much is always not good. Here are ways on how to come down from a high when you have smoked too much marijuana. Recovering from low blood sugar One of the most common effects of smoking too much weed is low blo [...]

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Cannabis and Spanish Laws – Can you Buy Marijuana in Spain?

One of the things that the Iberian Peninsula is known for is its abundance of marijuana, thanks to its proximity to cannabis-producing countries. Understandably, a lot of people expect that regulations be relaxed due to the sheer amount of available cannabis and act like they have absolute permission in terms of marijuana use. Spain is certainly not the strict European count [...]

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Marijuana in the UK – Buy Marijuana Seeds in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has been undergoing radical changes recently, and these changes have the potential to affect existing laws on marijuana use and related activities. However, as the rest of the world looks at the UK for any other drastic move after Brexit, the atmosphere surrounding its cannabis culture remains relatively calm. Here are some things you need to keep in mind [...]

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Marijuana and The Netherlands

The Netherlands has, for the longest time, been known to be a highly progressive country that takes a liberal stance on recreational drug or substance use. If you have never been to this country or have not read a lot about them and what their laws actually say about cannabis use, you may be shocked to find out that marijuana is actually mostly illegal there. Existing laws a [...]

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Marijuana in Japan

Japan is always an appealing destination for anything from a vacation to permanent residence and everything else in between. There simply seems to be nothing to not like: good food, people, economy, weather, and security. So how does marijuana fare in Japan? If you are thinking about bringing, selling, using or growing cannabis during your stay in the country, go over the qu [...]

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Marijuana in South Africa – Can you Buy Marijuana Seeds in the Country?

If you want to buy marijuana seeds in South Africa, then you need to learn a little bit of background about marijuana in the country. In South Africa, smoking weed (or “dagga,” as it is more commonly known there) can be very tempting because of its sheer abundance. First of all, the climate in the country is highly conducive to growing. Second, although the South Afri [...]

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Can you Buy Marijuana in Italy?

The relationship between marijuana and Italy has been having wild mood swings in recent years. In 2006, for example, the Italian government passed cannabis laws that were so stringent that penalties and punishment for the use and other activities related to marijuana were as heavy as those for the possession, use, and selling of “hard” drugs, such as cocaine. Fortunately [...]

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Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Canada

For decades, the black market for marijuana had been flourishing in Canada. For the longest time, growers, sellers, and users had been rising up to life imprisonment for this pungent herb, which has been illegal in the country since 1923. All this stealth will finally end when the Canadian government finally legalizes recreational marijuana on October 17, 2018. Still, there are [...]

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